About Us

After getting a taste of the title insurance business for four years at their previous company, the owners of Triax Title Services decided to start their own company in April of 2007. Many other companies have tried their hand in the Title Industry only to find out that success is not so easily attained. The owners of Triax were determined to build a strong company that would be around for a long time to come.

After the decision was made to create Triax Title Services, the owners decided that the key to success would be the infrastructure of the company. Some companies get their clients and their business first and then worry about providing the services that they marketed. Here at Triax Title we feel that would have been a disservice to our clients and to the reputation of the company that we were building.

The infrastructure was the most important part and the only way to provide outstanding service to our clients from day one. To achieve that goal, we brought people aboard that had the knowledge, the personality and the motivation to make Triax Title Services extremely successful. We hired people that were young, energetic, at the top of their game, and willing to do whatever is necessary to help our clients.

Our employees are dedicated to providing our clients with nothing but first class service from the moment they place the order until the title policies are issued. They have no problem going that extra mile and will do so without being asked. The service we provide is extremely accurate as we understand that the quality of the service is all in the details. Your documents will be reviewed by our quality control which will insure that the product you receive is as accurate as can be.

Technology was also important to our mission of providing the best possible service. We have the latest technology in Title Insurance software and have the ability to email (as well as fax and/or overnight) any documents that the client may need. Our clients can not only place orders for our services online but they have the ability to access most of their documents directly from our state of the art web page. Each client is provided with a secure Log in that allows them and only them to pull up their documents directly from our site. This allows us to provided quick efficient service with minimal turn-around time. Our closing department can receive and forward closing documents electronically which allows for faster and more convenient closings no matter when or where they are located.

Most of our rates and fees are regulated by the Department of Banking and Insurance, just like every other title insurance company in New Jersey. We stand alone because of the service we provide to you.